Maritime Medical Center

Introducing Dr CK Lee

Name: Dr Lee Choi Kheong

Medical Registration: SMC No: 01551B Registered in Singapore.

Completed CME Accreditation validity for renewal in yearly since for registration in Singapore.

Registered and approved Medical Doctor by Marine Dept in Malaysia. Oil & Gas (UK), Norwegian Seafarers’ Approved Doctor.

Designated Factory Doctor (Ministry of Labour, Singapore). ATLS Training with certificate.

Present and Immediate Initiative

The 15th Singapore Maritime Week 2021 held in April 2021 as organized by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) spotlighted “The New Frontiers and Shifting Paradigms” & the needs for resilient, reliable & sustainable platforms to provide with the help of deeper adoption of digital solutions & innovations to fulfill the legitimate healthcare requirement for the ever-ready & medically fit maritime workforce.


General Practitioner and Maritime Medicine since 1975, 35 years experience of in-port and out port medical practice on seafarers working on vessels. Practice Telemedicine in Maritime for sick crew on high seas, for tourists on Cruises, on Vaccination and Prophylaxis, Infectious Diseases Prophylaxis and Control & Management, Rescue & Evacuation, In-port and Out-port Triage, ATLS certified Life-Support in Port and Out-port, Training of Ship Doctors and Health Officers on vessels.

Medical Assistance Management

Working with foreign ship-owners and P & I Clubs for over 30 years.

Supervision of Foreign Graduates under Conditional Registration, training, and supporting them for registration under Singapore Medical Council.

Training of Assistant Singapore Registered Doctors in Maritime Medicine over the years.

Details of Practice Experience

  • Personally responsible for safety and conducting safety protocol and check-up according to the standards of Policies and Procedures as medical director.
  • Provide and maintain the ships’ clinics, safely store and replenish necessary medical supplies according to the regulations of scale of medical supplies.
  • Maintain relevant medical protocols at site

First aid response to minor injuries by telemedicine and if possible formulate triage of the patient for evacuation, treatment on rig and arrange repatriation. If Singapore is nearby, the patient would to be treated in Singapore for assessment of illness and injuries and liability and disability

  • Provide stabilization and pre-hospital emergency care for medevac cases and liaise with medical specialists as required
  • Participate actively in safety program, particularly with regard to promoting personal health and fitness issues. Be available for safety orientations for new personnel arriving at site.
  • Participate in emergency drills and respond to incipient or actual emergencies
  • Proper Record Keeping of all medical treatment undertaken on site
  • Inspection of areas for eye wash stations, first aid boxes etc.
  • Bring to the attention any matters of concern in the field of occupational health and hygiene
  • Participate in accident investigations and reporting as appropriate
  • If required, teach first aid & CPR classes and AED refreshers as requested by Rig Manager.
  • Maintain own certification, professional knowledge and skill level
  • Provide damage control and proactive investigations for crisis and disaster e.g. accidents and pollutions at sea.
  • Coordinate Medical Rescue and Management of patients in Singapore Hospital with immediate access to Hi-Tech procedures and appropriate specialists on 24 hours preparedness.
  • Medical Escort for evacuation for treatment to Hospitals or for repatriation.
  • Screening and control of Infectious Diseases and provided maritime support in compliance with the international maritime requirement for clearance for fitness to sail.
  • Perform audit and selection of Medic to be engaged on vessels and oil rig.
  • And most importantly, to provide and participate in Emergency Life Support and activate evacuation and transfer of patients to relevant medical facilities and hospitals for definitive diagnosis and treatment, intensive treatment, special investigations CT, MRI, PET, Endoscopies, Angiogram etc. and proper referral to specialists and provide managed in-patient treatment in Hospitals for seafarers and overseas patients
  • Providing all passengers and tourists from the sea in seek of good hospitals for investigations and treatment.

* Telemedicine consultation for oversea vessels sailing in high seas, local vessel for crew unable to land for treatment and for certification for fitness for disembark to fly for repatriation under present restictions of Covid 19 pandemic at sea for vessels and clearance.

Present Accredited Admission Rights:

Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Parkway East Hospital (East Shore Hospital)

Past Post and Designation Held and Experience

  • 1975 to 1979: Medical Officer in Group Practice (Shenton Medical Group).
  • 1979 to 1989: Medical Director of Shenton Medical Group, Shipping and Nursing Home.
  • 1990 to 1996: Managing Director of Maritime Medical Centre Pte Ltd, Maritime House, Singapore.
  • 1997 to 2007 Medical Director Gleneagles Maritime Medical Centre, Parkway Health.
  • 2009 onwards: Managing Director, Medical Director and Chief Maritime Doctor of Maritime Medical Centre Pte Ltd. And became Sole Director in 2011 of MMC.
  • Medical Supervisor for Doctors for Temporary and Conditional Licensing

* 1990 to 2020 : Medical Director of Maritime Medical Centre Ambulance

* 2021 Completed and successfully completed basic and advance course for Medical Director in EMS

* 2021 Medical Director of Maritime Medical Transport of Maritime Medical Centre

* 2020 till now Participation as Sash Doctor and Clinic to provide Covid 19 PCR swab test for predeparture and for cases indicated for such screening under MOH guidelines. Lifting of NTL (Not to Land) for crew on ships in Singapore under this restriction MPA by clearance of infection under entity of The Pinnacle Medical & Dental Centre @ Maritime Pte Ltd.

Participation in on board ships maritime medical services for general medical conditions, screening and treatment of seafarers requiring medical attention and for management in Port and Shipyards in Singapore.

Our Facilities

– Pre-employment medical examination and certifications.

– Management of patient / Seafarers medical conditions as out patient and on vessels, in port and out port areas.

– Medical Screening, consultation and treatment out-patient and in Hospitals.

– Medical Screening, consultation and treatment out-patient and in Hospitals.

– Specialist referrals, laboratory investigations and arrangement for Special Medical Investigations Radiology, CT, MRI Scan etc.

– Ultrasound, E.C.G, Spirometry and Audiometry facilities.

– General Health Screening and Disease management.

– Travel Immunization, Vaccinations and Prophylaxis.

– House Calls and Ship Calls.

– Alcohol and Drug free certification

– Overseas medical evacuation and repatriation.

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