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We are a globally recognized provider of medical services to shipping and maritime industries. With years of experience, Maritime Medical stays ready to give consultations and handle emergencies that may arise at sea. We are trained to treat ship personnel, with the goal of saving lives and limbs at sea. With the knowledge and skill gained over the years, we are ever-ready to provide such services 24/7 by means of TeleMedicine when the ships are in high seas or on board when they are in Singapore Port.

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New Frontiers &
Shifting Paradigms

The 15th Singapore Maritime Week 2021 held in April 2021 as organized by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) spotlighted “The New Frontiers and Shifting Paradigms” & the needs for resilient, reliable & sustainable platforms to provide with the help of deeper adoption of digital solutions & innovations to fulfill the legitimate healthcare requirement for the ever-ready & medically fit maritime workforce.

As one of the main initiatives in the recovery phase of this post-pandemic world, Telemedicine for the Health Care of Seafarers would contribute significantly toward the objectives as set.

Health Care of Seafarers


Specific qualifications are prescribed by the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that Telemedicine services meet minimum standards.

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Recommended Medical Equipment & Medicine

These are useful items in addition to the Medical Chest on ships and to be advised on case by case basis by consultation. There are essential items required for Telemedicine and would enhance the formation of diagnosis and the choice of management of the case and in certification.

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There are other useful items which we can advise you according to your level of medical care.

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